The firm Biemme curvati was established in 1992 in Casale di Scodosia, an area which is traditionally know for its wood handicrafts. Biemme curvati has specialized in producing bent multilayer beech and poplar elements meant for the creation of components for seat of office chairs, contract, home, theatre/cinema, hair-beauty salon.

The company produce various types of curved plywood satisfying the customer demand, working on technical drawing or with the assistant of staff with dynamism, flexibility and above with twenty years of experience, advise and develops ideas of our costumer, working on prototypes and carrying out the final products.

The first stage of processing is on the bonding and bending sheets of beech and poplar made whit high-frequency press and E1 glue.
Contouring accuracy us made possible by the use of CNC machines and the finish is done with T-nutted and reveting machines.

The control of products begins with the selection of raw material from FSC certified and protected forest and continue working in all phases allowing to obtain accuracy and quality to satisfy customer completely.